Course-Workshop Mindfulness From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation

On Saturday, April 27, we conducted the Mindfulness Intensive Course-Workshop aimed at nursery school teachers and first cycle entitled “Mindfulness for Initial Education. From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation".”.

Workshop Course Invitation

This course was organized and produced by Kindergartens Planet Earth in collaboration with the exhibitors Victoria Albornoz Astudillo and Estefanía Espinoza Vidal.

Victoria Albornoza is a differential educator and psychopedagogy. She also serves as a consultant in early childhood neurodevelopment and is a certified instructor for child-youth mindfulness. Victoria has been our guru in the whole process of adoption of mindfulness and emotional education as the axis of the pedagogical processes of our Planet Earth kindergartens.

She was accompanied by Estefanía Espinoza Vidal who is a Social Psychologist and is also a facilitator, rapporteur and consultant Mindfulness.

It should be borne in mind that almost the entire audience, composed mostly of nursery educators, psychologists and psychopedagogues, had never meditated and that they knew little or no mindfulness, however they asked to participate, experience and learn the powerful benefits of mindfulness, especially in classroom.

The first part of the Workshop was an introduction to mindfulness theory and practice, focusing on its benefits for each of us, and its transformative power when it focuses on improving educational processes with young children.

"Mindfulness is the full consciousness that appears by paying attention deliberately, in the present moment and without judging how the experience unfolds from moment to moment."

– Jon Kabat-ZiNN

Being in touch with the reality of the present moment, being aware of what is being done

And also in contact with those around us, with curiosity, acceptance and creativity. Explore, open up and become aware of our feelings, thoughts and feelings.

Educating for the future

And as a pedagogical tool, use mindfulness to be co-regulators of emotional and cognitive processes. Facilitate educational processes with didactics from early childhood, build a culture of peace, dialogue, empathy and kindness. Enhance attention and concentration. They express their emotions better and learn to be compassionate and kind

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