Mindfulness is the best gift we can give to our children and ourselves

This technique develops emotional intelligence, increases happiness, fuels curiosity and commitment, reduces anxiety and channels complex emotions and traumatic experiences.

We begin to systematically apply mindfulness in all daily routines and quickly notice positive changes. Each teaching team was free to select and prepare their own mindfulness activities and materials. In addition, a self-application guideline was implemented with the objective of recording daily activities in the field of conciencia plena, relajación y educación emocional.

We begin the process of working with parents

The time had come to involve the parents and families of the children in the task of extending mindfulness to the houses. Many parents had expressed interest in learning mindfulness and attending talks and courses.

We knew that in order to build a full mindfulness ecosystem it depended on families also practicing a mindfulness philosophy, at least at an elementary level, understanding and applying its basic principles. 

Keeping calm in front of a child's lollipop can be a complicated task. It is necessary to learn to control yourself, both as a father and as a child. Mindfulness can become a great help technique that teaches us to be aware of the present moment, with acceptance and without judging.

Mindfulness program with four levels of training sequenced.

Knowing how little free time parents have, we develop a Mindfulness and Conscious Parenting program consisting of four practical courses of 2 hours each: Semilla, Germina, Fruto y Árbol haciendo una analogía con el ciclo de crecimiento de una planta. 

The courses sequentially present strategies and tools from mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional education, which allow understanding and co-regulating the emotional and cognitive processes of children, especially under eight years. Their goal is to help them understand the relevance of full awareness in the respectful upbringing of children and to know the fundamentals of Mindfulness applied to initial education.

Finally we are ready to announce the launch of the first Seed course and we hope to have the support and presence of the maximum number of attendees interested in knowing the mindfulness.

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